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We are a company guided by faith, committed to family, and fully devoted to serving people.

Holden Hill

Creative Director

Creative Director

Holden Hill is the author and co-author of multiple titles, the creative director of Cedar Gate Publishing, and a self proclaimed adventurer. His search for purpose as a teenager led him on a high school-long journey of interviewing 500 Christian leaders across the United States and world, which laid the foundation of his first book, Bring the Fire.

He has trained in creative writing, storytelling, and communication under New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker and award winning novelist, poet, and biographer Dudley Delffs, who serves as the editor and collaborator for senior pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church as well as dozens of other New York Times bestselling authors. Craig Groeschel endorsed Holden’s book, saying, “When Holden told me at sixteen that he was going to interview 500 of the top leaders he could find, I didn’t expect that he would make it. Boy, was I wrong. He didn’t just cross the finish line of his project, he blasted over it with blazing passion. But even crazier than Holden’s remarkable project is the story behind it of his desperate search for truth, life, and God. Buckle up—you’re in for an explosive ride.”

Filling up journals and writing stories since he was thirteen years old, Holden’s passion for “story-stewardship” continues to propel him as a speaker, writer, and creator with the understanding that God entrusted each of us our story for an extraordinary purpose.

Randy Allsbury

Administrative Director

Administrative Director

After meeting the love of his life at Ozark Christian College, Randy Allsbury and his wife, Sherri, spent their first two decades of marriage working together in ministry. Randy went on to work as an account executive for Clear Channel Media where he began studying advertising and developed a fascination for understanding why people do the things they do. In 2002 Randy became a Wizard of Ads partner and worked with a top level team helping grow small businesses around the country.

Randy’s first book in 2003 was Put Your Money Where Their Ears Are published by Wizard Academy Press in Austin, Texas. Through his Wizard of Ads partnership Randy was introduced to author J. Keith Miller and publisher Ray Bard, both of whom inspired him to devote his life to helping others share their story.

In 2012 he collaborated with Dr. Jim A. Talley on his book, Real Men Hug Porcupines – A Relationship Toolbox For Men. The Allsbury’s have five children, Ashley, Austin, Avery, Amy and AJ. Randy believes every child of God has a testimony to share and they should be a good steward of that story.

Randy has had the honor and privilege of helping dozens of people get their book out of their head and into their hands.

Brian Hill



Brian Hill is passionate about conscious business, and believes deeply in helping other business leaders, his employees, and his local community prosper and he works daily to help steward their success.

Brian is married to his beautiful wife, and co-founder of Works24, Marla Hill. In their downtime, they enjoy traveling and exploring the great outdoors with their family, and seeking out additional ways to share their success and blessings with charitable organizations that need a sustainable way to fund their mission.