Author – Annie Winston

Illustrator – Gary Locke

Bully Buster Journal

by Annie Winston


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Format: Soft Cover 

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Book Summary

Just when sixth grader, Andy Jones, thought his troubles with bullies at school were over, Mugersnot shows up again full of taunts and torments. Andy tries to convince his best friend Flynn to make a video to save his life, but that bully fighting plan takes an unexpected turn when Andy encounters the Space Invader, a mysterious Uncle, who shows up with a surprising battle plan from an ancient dude in an ancient book.

About the Book

Bully Buster Journal is a new series of fast-paced and engaging children’s books that help kids learn a better way to solve their problems with bullies from an ‘ancient dude in an ancient book’, the Bible. The goal is to reach an upper elementary and junior high school reader with stories of a bullied seventh grade boy, who discovers wise and effective ways to bust bullies from various biblical characters and their unique stories.

In the first book of the series, Andy Jones is an 11-year-old quirky doodler, who learns about the story of Nehemiah from a long lost Uncle, an archaeologist, who comes for a visit and tells Andy, the incredible bully busting secret.

Andy writes and illustrates wryly philosophical journal entries about life, (reminiscent of Wimpy Kid) and his horrible bully burdens with Tommy Mugersnot. Each book in the Bully Busters series will continue the saga of Andy in his world at home, school, friendships, and bully battles, with his arch nemesis Mugersnot and his gang of goons. Andy grows in wisdom from his encounters with biblical bully busters which at times will involve him going on an archaeological dig or two to learn from the dust of the past.

Meet the Cast


Annie Winston

Annie Winston loves writing for children. She’s best known for her award winning Heroical Storicals series, time travel adventures with Daniel Boone and Harriet Tubman.


Annie has a passion to teach kids the value of good character and the power of truth and real faith evidenced in the lives of heroes both historical and biblical. Her newest book “Bully Busters Journal: A Battle Plan for the Bullied” tells the true story of an ancient dude in an ancient book. Her heart is to inspire kids with bully busting strategies that really work.

Annie graduated from UC Berkeley. She worked as a schoolteacher and entrepreneur.
A survivor of domestic violence, she raised three children as a single parent and she’s most proud of them!

Annie laughs and says, “She was once a Wrigley Doublemint Twin in a time far, far away.”

Annie is a gifted speaker and has spoken to thousands of elementary students with inspiring messages of dreaming big, never giving up, character counts, and the value of working hard to be the best version of you, by developing your gifts and talents.

Gary Locke


Freelance illustrator for DECADES!

Illustrating images of tremendous awesomeness for clients around the universe like Coke, Sports Illustrated, Rush Limbaugh Letter, NRA, Fire Bible for Kids, Simon and Schuster, Time, The Weekly Standard, The Washington Examiner, Rolling Stone, Dallas Morning News, Wall Street Journal, Boy Scouts of America, Adventures in Odyssey radio Show,  US News, Mead Paper Co, Tyson Foods, 7-UP, Dr. Pepper, Raging Cow, Focus On The Family, Charisma Magazine, Assemblies of God, Newsday, Golf Mag, Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic for Kids,  New Yard and California State Fairs, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, SunDrop Soda, Bad News Bears 2 Movie, Sporting News, Core-America Clothing, Ceaco Games, Quick Trip, Missouri Lottery, Wisconsin Lottery, HR Block, Cherry Street Baptist Church, General Mills, Jolly-Time Popcorn, Glendale High School 1982 yearbook, and CEDARGATE PUBLISHING ! !

Gary draws pictures on a Wacom Cintiq monitor, using Photoshop, and a Mac.

Gary has never lost a foot race to Brad Pitt. Gary has completed 5 half ironman races, and about 120 other triathlons over the last few decades. Between drawing the pictures, raising the kids, and playing disc golf.

He is Married to the Homecoming Queen. He saw her FIRST! BACK OFF! Get your OWN!!! She is his. END OF STORY!