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A book is more than words printed on a page. It’s a story imprinted on the imagination. Every single piece of information that’s enlightened you, every fact you’ve learned, every statement that’s inspired you … it happened because someone before you took the time to communicate it. To write it down. To give it life.

Cedar Gate is more than just a publishing company. We offer stewardship, guidance, encouragement, and a clear, simple process to help tell your story in the most effective and impactful way possible. 

Building Bounce with Kids

“Stefanie Hinman has written a must-read primer for anyone desiring to better understand the effects of childhood trauma, and better yet, what to do about it.  Whether you’re a parent, a child worker, or someone who has survived childhood abuse or trauma, Stefanie breaks it down in easy to understand terms, then provides step by step guidance on practical ways to overcome and …

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Breathe: 101 Life-Giving Devotionals

After over 4 completely different decades of leadership, Roxanne shares eye-opening truths that help you walk in more freedom, more rest and more purpose.

This book encourages the reader to live FROM the indwelling power of God versus running exhausted living FOR the approval of God. Breathe deep and live in freedom. 

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Real Men Hug Porcupines

This is the marriage reconciliation story of a couple who paid attention (eventually) to the advice of Dr. Jim A. Talley and by the grace of God were able to keep their family together.  If your marriage is on the rocks and you apply the tools in this book, your relationship will improve, no matter how good or how bad things are.

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Bully Buster Journal

Just when sixth grader, Andy Jones, thought his troubles with bullies at school were over, Mugersnot shows up again full of taunts and torments. Andy tries to convince his best friend Flynn to make a video to save his life, but that bully fighting plan takes an unexpected turn when Andy encounters the Space Invader, a mysterious Uncle, who shows up with…

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When People Pray

As Brian Alarid cried out on a hospital floor for his daughter’s life in May of 2016, he had no idea God was about to use him to ignite an international prayer movement. Join Brian on a journey through the depths of despair to the mountain tops of prayer, where the hard and painful questions are asked, and be inspired to pray and encounter Jesus like never before… 


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Bring The Fire

“When Holden told me at sixteen that he was going to interview 500 of the top leaders he could find, I didn’t expect that he would make it. Boy, was I wrong. He didn’t just cross the finish line of his project, he ignited a blazing passion. But even crazier than Holden’s remarkable project is the story behind it of his desperate search for truth, life, and God. Buckle up—you’re in for an explosive ride…”

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Empowering Impactful Publishing

Cedar Gate Publishing is much more than just a book publishing company. You have a story to tell. We are devoted to getting your story, beliefs, values, and purposes published. We get your story out of your head into a completed, published book in your hands. Become a published author and allow your story to change the lives of people. Pass your values on to family, friends and followers.